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Queenless – advice

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Queenless – advice

Partner and I conducted a hive inspection this morning, and I believe we are queenless. I saw plenty of capped brood and larvae but no eggs and no queen. This was our strongest hive 2 weeks ago, so I'm not sure what happened. Bees had two boxes and filled top box with honey, so we had added a super (but this inspection there was no wax drawn on it at all so it was removed)

I saw no queen cells, so I am thinking the best option would be to combine it with our smallest hive that does have a queen? Thoughts?

Also – I did notice that a small amount of brood was being pulled out of their cells and discarded. One had its tongue stuck out. There was no smell indicating foul brood, and I didn't see any that looked "melted". I plan on doing varroa testing next inspection.

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