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Queen less hive

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Queen less hive

What would you do? I currently have 3 hives.

1 looks fantastic. Double deeps full with bees, brood, and resources. Strong queen.

2 Queen less. Has been for at least a month. Still has a super full of honey, but robbers are descending. They are grumpy and very defensive (understandable) and numbers are dwindling. I gave them a bit to remedy the issue, and no luck. No brood at all as of yesterday, not even drone.

3 My “meh“ hive. It appears they may have attempted to superscede their queen, has a few torn down empty queen cells. I had to move them to a different location a week ago, so I may have accidentally interrupted this process. I probably need to convert this from a 10-frame to a nuc, issue is the deep has 2 frames of brood with eggs, while the entire super is probably 80% full of capped honey. I'm starting to see increasing numbers of hive beetles, so I know they have too much space currently. The super frames will not work in the nuc, so I'm not sure how to move them to the nuc successfully and not take away their food for "winter".

So do I cut my losses with #2 and shake the bees out and put up the equipment?

Or should I combine #2 and #3 with the newspaper trip and hope the queen less don't kill the "meh" queen.

Should I add a frame of healthy brood from #1 to #2 or #3? I'm hesitant to take more than 1 and jeopardize my good hive, I would like to split off then in the spring and they were my top honey producing hive.

I'm in NFl so it's pretty mild here, but we are going to get a cold snap this weekend (40 at night) and not much is blooming. We usually get spring bees and start of swarms around mid Feb.

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