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Queen less hive problems :(

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Queen less hive problems :(

So I go a new nuc at the end of June, because my hive got ravaged by a bear (got an electric fence now 👍), but the nuc seemed to have no queen. I couldn’t find any brood or the queen. So I ordered a new queen, but by the time she got here, it looks like I started having workers laying – all the textbook signs: multiple eggs per cell, eggs off center in cells, spotty drone brood.

I followed the advice of shaking out all the bees 100 yards away from the hive spot…. But not a whole bunch of the bees landed on a near by tree and are just sitting there:


That seems like way too many for them to all be young nursing bees… kinda looks like they just decided to swarm instead of returning to the hive?

Do you guys think I should do anything here?

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