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Queen issues!

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Queen issues!

2 weeks ago we discovered our hive had sac brood. We were told the only thing to do was re queen and the hive would probably clean everything out and be fine. 4 days later we found our existing queen, killed her, and put in the new queen cage. At the time, there were no queen cells in the hive. I covered the sugar with tape for 2 days, then uncovered the sugar and left the bees to eat her out. We left the hive for 9 days and just did an inspection today to see if the new queen had been released and had started laying.

We have 2 brood boxes on the hive right now. The bottom box had lots of pollen, and lots of empty cells that had been cleaned out of sac brood. There is still bits of capped brood here and there from the previous queen. There were no eggs or larva at all in the bottom box, but we found 4 capped queen cells.

In the top box, there is lots of honey, and pollen. We then found our new queen! She has laid on one side of one frame. There were eggs and small larva. That’s it. Only about half of one side of one frame.

So! The new queen is there. Has laid a small amount. And now I have 4 capped queen cells! Is this laying from a new queen normal after 9 days of being in the hive? Should I let the 4 queen cells hatch and supersede her? Do I cut out a couple of the queen cells and just leave 1 or 2? Or do I try and do a split now and take the new queen out with some frames and let her start a new hive? Im scared the hive is not strong enough at this point to try and split it. Although there are still lots of bees, lots of activity, and they are cleaning out the sac brood well. We saw some freshly hatched bees. So some of the brood from the old queen has survived and is still hatching. I’m at a loss! But I need to do something fast if I should do anything.

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