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Queen from last year no longer laying?

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Queen from last year no longer laying?

I got a queen last year from a local apiary and she swarmed out this spring from the colony she over wintered in.

I recaptured that swarm and they’ve been going gangbusters for the last month filling 15 frames with comb and expanding nicely.

My last inspection was a week and a half ago, and yesterday I peeked in again to see only a bit of brood and lots of empty cells with no eggs.

Her majesty was walking along the frame but not dipping her abdomen into any of the empty cells.

There were no queen cups or cells, quite a bit of drones walking around but not a weird amount of drone cell.

(The drones may be freeloaders from a queen I had to replace a week and a half ago in a different hive that got kicked out. She was pounding out the drone so much they were basically all over the place)

Is this normal? The honey flow is on here in the northeast, but that shouldn’t make her stop laying, right?

I’m not terribly impressed with this local source, might it be their breeding?

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