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Queen cups in new package!

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Queen cups in new package!

I am a new beekeeper! After lots of research I got my first two hives this spring. They were installed on March 31st. And since then I have opened them one inspection, and a couple of occasions to check my top feeder syrup levels.

When I did my hive inspection, I definitely noticed a difference in my two hives. I have one very calm hive that seems smaller in number and very quiet when I have it open, and hardly needs any smoke. They also seem to be very slow buildlers.

The second hive is going to be my challenging hive! They are "vocal"! Lots of loud buzzing when I apply smoke. And they are gung ho in their wax building efforts to the point that I already have burr comb! They are otherwise non aggressive and I haven't even used gloves yet. (I feel clumsy with them.) HOWEVER! While I was in there I noticed what looked like the beginnings of queen cups with nothing in them. I was about to go out of town so I cut off the burr comb and the "queen cups". I figured when I check again that if they had cups again I would know their intentions better, and have time to deal with it.

So my questions are: Is it common for them to try to supersede so quickly after installation? Should I let them requeen themselves or should buy one?(I'm leaning towards buying one.) Should I contact the company to see if they will send a replacement for free? (I've seen this referenced somewhere)

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