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Quality of honey from fertilized flowers?

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Quality of honey from fertilized flowers?

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So Im fairly new, I have tons of wild flowers in my backyard Ive brought the honeybee population back with, before it was typically cut and sandy, had many wasps everywhere.

I live in a residential area so as my yard is pretty organic and non treated and fares just well, other people cut their grass and probably dump any brand of chemical fertilizers on their plants and flowers as well as possibly spray herbicides and pesticides I can only assume.

I’d love to make a little hive for the bees in my organic yard but if it were to come to harvesting the honey, the main question would be, Do I have to worry about chemicals from other peoples yard treatments contaminating the honey for consumption if the bees were to harvest from neighboring properties? Any info or links to research appreciated as well. If not I may just do it recreationally anyway but would love to reap the benefits of course

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