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Protective hives from high winds.

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Protective hives from high winds.

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to see what everyone does to help protect their hives from high winds. It seems very very out of the norm for my area (Oklahoma Panhandle) to have as high winds as we have had in the last 6 months. I'd say it has something to do with climate change, but I live in an area that its just "What used to happen".

I however having been alive only 22 years, have never seen winds at 107MPH in Lamar Colorado north of where I live.

It was windy enough that while I was blocking the highway due to crashes, a gust around 85-90 folded both mirrors on my sheriffs dept patrol vehicle and damaged some lighting components.

I didn't have too many issues from where my hive was located, it was fairly well protected. The only issue was my ability to get back and work around it. I plan on moving them to a better spot for me this spring and rebuilding since my hive did not survive the last freeze. I did notice that with the last big windstorm, my hive rotate approx. 2 inches off center, exposing the inside of the hive.

Is there any suggestions you have on how to keep your hive protected from the wind? I plan on using some hay bales and stacking them around where the gives will be as a wind break, as well as placing a tie strap over the top and trough the stand on the hives to hold them together as one single unit.

Thanks guys. I appreciate it!

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