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Protecting hives from pesticides

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Protecting hives from pesticides

My next door neighbor has been spraying their fruit trees with an unknown chemical, though they were wearing a face mask which leads me to suspect some sort of pesticide. They've previously mentioned being supportive of my hives/wanted to have some of their own but continue to poison anthills and so on in their yard, which is about 50 yards from the hives. When they initially told me they chose a bee-safe pesticide for the anthills I was relieved, only to find out through my own research this wasn't true, so now I'm a bit paranoid.

What can I do, if anything, to protect my bees from being poisoned? I don't want to dictate how they care for their own property, but I don't want to lose my bees and this year's honey crop due to stubborn neighbors. Tonight made me particularly worried as both hives are bearding in the high heat + are more likely to be exposed to whatever's in the spray if the wind picks up.

Any advice?

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