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Pollination services for blueberries?

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Pollination services for blueberries?

TL;DR: Is it worth it and what to charge for pollination services of blueberries?

Hello everyone. An old friend contacted me yesterday. He said hes starting a blueberry field and wants to have bees on his land. Right now it's only one acre but it sounds like he wants to expand. My brief reading into pollinating blueberries is that the bees have a difficult time getting much nutrients from them and this also may be linked to AFB.

Him and I only briefly texted back and forth about it, so I still need to call him today and work out details. His initial idea was to have me run two hives where he would purchase the hives and bees and I'd run them until "he's ready to run them". I'd then receive most of the honey. I'm not too sure if he's interested in the beekeeping part and may only want the pollination benefits. An idea I had was to just buy my own hives and provide pollination services for him. What would you charge for this? I'm in Michigan.

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