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Poll about gear

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Poll about gear

Hi y’all! First time poster, long time lurker. Been keeping bees commercially for other people for 8 years and have finally started my own apiary (24 hives so far). I typically work in a tshirt, shorts, and a veil (I live in the south and it’s been 100° and high humidity 🥵). I worked through all my hives yesterday, a couple were even queenless, and I got stung once. Wondering what other people are doing for gear in this hellscape of a summer. Genuinely just curious because it’s been my experience that bees are pretty docile when you are deliberate with your movements. If you would please answer this poll based on what you typically wear gear-wise on a normal basis. (Like to note that I always keep a smoker lit and keep full gear nearby in case things go sour but I don’t default to full gear.) Comments and discussion welcomed! ✌🏻

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