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Point me to some good aphid/honeydew honey!

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Point me to some good aphid/honeydew honey!

This sub may know about this book already but I just finished reading "The Hidden Life of Trees", in which the author describes how this honey is made through the collaboration of forest trees, wood boring birds/insects, aphids, ants (sometimes), and finally bees.

It sounds even more gross than regular bee & pollen honey, and I desperately want to try some. The problem is I live in Mayberry and will probably need to buy online. Can anyone point me to a brand that's actual honeydew honey? A lot of "black forest" honey (a synonym) products on Amazon don't explicitly say whether it's actual honeydew honey. There's usually a lot of "Is this from aphids?" "No bees make it" talk. Not real clear, you know?

Anyway I appreciate any information you folks can give. Thank you in advance!

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