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Please Help: Queenless Hives

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Please Help: Queenless Hives

Alright, so back up a few weeks. I inspected one of my two hives to find that the queen was most likely dead. There was evidence of an emergency supercedure based on several queen cells in the middle of the frame. So fine I'll close it up and check back in a 21 days, no worries

Yesterday, (day 14) I did an inspection on my other hive (not the queenless) and really got punched in the gut. My full medium honey super had been diminished by half. I knew something was wrong so I dug a little deeper. In the brood chamber there was no eggs no larva and no capped brood. but loads of honey. Upon inspecting closer I came across a lonesome supercedure cell that had been hatched. no sign of a queen anywhere I have trouble finding marked queens let alone a virgin queen.

It is curious that I lost both queen in 2 separate hive around the same time

So here we are 2 queenless hives rushing to sort out the situation. I have a queen on order coming in two days. We're almost in August and it getting to crunch time for us in the PNW. Based on the info I did my best to describe what is the best course of action?

I'm looking for experienced guidance and as alway, I love this sub and thank you for all the help

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