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Placed first swarm trap, I see 2 bees everyday

We are grateful you are here

Placed first swarm trap, I see 2 bees everyday

Guys i placed a swarm trap on one side of my house. I placed it at highest spot in my house, which is approx 20ft from ground. The entrance faces in a direction which does not get morning or evening wind blown into entrance

It's placed along the the side of house with a road and in front of entrance there are some trees and large empty field where alfa alfa is grown organically for an organic milk farm nearby after that field, the mountains are some 4km away.

I feel it's a good spot for a swarm trap, and at 9:50am everyday I see a golden bee and then I see similar bee in evening.

It seems like it's still early here to catch swarm, but is it a good sign?

I even found a dead dorsata bee near my swarm trap area, maybe it got attracted by swarm lure?

I am using 5 gallon bucket and coated it with beewax inside, 2 inch square hole with wire grid to prevent birds, squirrels and lizards from entering. I see lots of people have had success with bucket trap

Unfortunately I don't live in a region where bees can be bought easily.

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