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Pest Management Questions (Varroa and SHB)

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Pest Management Questions (Varroa and SHB)

Hello. I am a first year beekeeper, and started with a nuc towards the end of May.

I have been monitoring for varroa for the last month or so, and it seems that I've reached the threshold for treatment. I did a sticky board count this morning and found 11 mites per 24 hour period (3 day average). This is up from 3 mites/24 hours a month ago. Also, I did a sugar roll this morning as a comparison, and found about 2-3% mites. From what I've read, both of these numbers are right at the point where I should do something to treat them. I purchased some Formic Pro about a month ago for when I would need to treat, but it is now too hot outside to use that as a treatment (East Tennessee; regularly high 80s to 90s). At the time I thought it would be the best option because it can kill mites inside brood cells and is also effective against tracheal mites (I think). Does anyone have any treatment recommendations for this time of year? After some research, it seems like my best option may be ApiLifeVar.

Also, when I pulled out the sticky board I noticed two larvae. One was smaller, shriveled, and dead. The other was larger and alive. I realized too late that I should have taken a picture, so I'm not quite sure if they were small hive beetle or wax moth larvae. In my hive beetle trap I had gained 4 beetles from the last time I checked about a week ago, bringing the total to 6 beetles over the course of a month or so. Is the larva on the sticky board a bad sign, or not necessarily out of the ordinary? From what I've read, strong colonies can take care of SHB and wax moths on their own. As far as I can tell, the hive seems to be strong and healthy. It has two full deeps and when I opened the hive today I found food, brood, and eggs. Although, I stopped pulling frames when I found eggs and I didn't go into the bottom deep because I didn't want to disturb them too much during the dearth. Should I be concerned or does anyone have any recommendations for proceeding? Thank you!

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