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Overfed, honey bound?

We are grateful you are here

Overfed, honey bound?

First year here! The girls completely filled up their second brood box 100% with food – uncapped nectar, some capped, pollen – and no brood. I put a super on last week to give them more space but I'm scared I was too late. I've stopped feeding and I'm worried they'll swarm. There's some brood in the lower brood box; those frames are a mix of brood and honey.

I can pull some frames from the top deep brood box (center?) and replace with empties, but not sure what to do with those full frames I take out. It's a little bit of everything. Should I wait till they cap it? Or get them out of there asap and worry about it later?

I will literally have to buy a freezer this week (can do) if I should freeze them. I did not expect to be doing this part my first year!

Yikes. Thank you!

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