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Out of the ordinary reaction to bee sting….feedback please.

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Out of the ordinary reaction to bee sting….feedback please.

Apologies for long note…looking for feedback on bee sting reactions. Previous stings over the last few years would always result in a large local reaction at the sting site, typically after 24 hours, not immediately. When those stings occurred I immediately took some Benadryl and applied some ice to the sting site. However, my first sting this year was a bit different and I'm hoping someone else has had a similar one and can give me their two cents. I was stung on the back of my right hand while cutting grass. Based on previous reactions I decided to continue cutting grass rather than stop and take Benadryl. I did end up having a swelled hand and minor itching the next day, which is how they've been in the past. Yet 48 hours after the sting, I had a minor swelling occur under my right eye. I took Benadryl and applied ice and the swelling stopped and pretty much was gone the next morning. My hand was starting to get back to normal, too. But later that next morning (72 hours post sting) my left eye had the same minor swelling underneath and I felt lightheaded and had some chills, too. Again, took Benadryl, laid down, and it stopped and was pretty much gone several hours later. 5 days post sting and hand is back to normal and nothing else of note. Did I have an anaphylactic response? Thanks in advance.

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