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Other insects in Langstroths

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Other insects in Langstroths

Does anyone know any other insects that are kept similarly like honeybees? I have lots of Langstroth hives with no bees and was wondering about putting something else in them. I thought maybe of putting a yellow jacket hive in one but didn’t do it because.. well they are really aggressive and harassing the honeybees I do have. I’ve heard of people using wasps as a form of taking out pests more naturally, but I’m not sure how that is implemented. Paper wasps would be maybe easier. I’ve seen the hornet king on YouTube put hornet nests around his property for example which is pretty cool, but I wouldn’t want to get anywhere near a hornet nest. I live in Oregon BTW as a factor. Any ideas on insects to put in spare langstroth for fun that could live there year round?

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