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One hive weaker than other two, re-queen?

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One hive weaker than other two, re-queen?

Some background after losing our hive last year we started with 3 nucs this year. We got our nucs 3 weeks ago and put them in their hives.

We added a second brood chamber 1.5 weeks later/ago. All three hives seemed as if they were filling up their first brood chamber. We have been feeding them as there isn’t much blooming in our area right now.

After inspection last week and this week hive 1 & hive 3 are thriving. They have moved into the second brood box. They drink all of their sugar water in a weeks time. They just seem much more active out fanning their hive and flying around.

Hive 2 while they seem okay, and have brood of all stages, they just seem… weaker and less productive. They seem to have less bees, they seem to only drink 1/2 of their sugar water, and they have not yet moved into their second brood box.

Is this reason for concern? We have talked about the possibility of requeening using a Snelgrove board. Is that recommended or should we just give them more time?

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