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Oh shoot… Swarm right before winter….

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Oh shoot… Swarm right before winter….

So the hive I started in May 2021… has swarmed. I know it to be true. I believe the bees left behind have a queen because there is capped brood and I watched a couple bees being "born" (coming out of their cell). I initially had one deep and one medium. Nobody is really occupying the medium so I dismantled it, put some of the built out comb down into the deep (removed a frame or two from the deep that weren't even built out). So, now my hive has one deep hive body with a couple medium frames. I'm super nervous… I hope I did the right thing. I didn't want them to have all this empty space over the winter. I'm also super nervous because I don't think they have enough honey to get through the winter… so I added a pollen patty and a front feeder of sugar syrup. Words of wisdom and/or encouragement, please?

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