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Offering up your yard for hives

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Offering up your yard for hives

G'day all. We just recently moved into a new place and the property has around 2 acres of land, of which half is not cleared.

Our neighbour has got a single hive in their property near the wooded area, and this hive is actually someone else's that they are allowing on their property. We have talked to the neighbours a bit, and when the hive owner was coming next to look after the hive, they were going to invite us over to talk to him also. This never happened and we haven't really spoken to them again since.

My question is, how common is it for hive owners to look for property to set up their hives? We are wanting to get into beekeeping, but this certainly seems like a great way to both get involved and to learn. How can we find people like this to approach/discuss such an arrangement?

We are located in Illinois near Naperville.

Thanks for your time.

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