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NYC: Cheap to a good home—2 packages of bees Apr 18

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NYC: Cheap to a good home—2 packages of bees Apr 18

Hey all, I'm an amateur urban beekeeper who has ordered two nice boxes of bees with mated queens from Georgia on April 18. Unfortunately, the bee yard that I was planning on using won't be available to me for another few weeks, which just won't cut it for our little friends. 🙁 I can't get a refund so I'm looking for someone who can give these a good home.

  • Two boxes of 3 lbs of Italian bees, each with a mated queen from a reputable breeder from Georgia. I've used the same breeder in the past with great results.
  • Pickup is in the upper west side of Manhattan at around 8:00 am, I'll know precisely when a few days before.
  • Your could use them to start two hives, or combine them to make one super-hive, or bolster a weak winter hive.
  • Purchased for $200/box, but make me an offer—I mostly just don't want them to die.

(Alternatively, anyone want to loan me some beeyard space in NYC for a few weeks? :P)

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