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Not sure what to do about a hive we found in my lemon tree

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Not sure what to do about a hive we found in my lemon tree

I know next to nothing about bees but I’ve had a small interest in keeping bees sometime in the future. But now there’s a hive in my tree so I’m kinda just looking for advice on what I should do with it. The landscaper found them as he was trimming back the tree. We hadn’t noticed them before, even though we are out there constantly picking fruit (we have 4 citrus trees). So they don’t seem to be aggressive in any way. The way I see it I have 3 options: 1. Leave them alone. We haven’t noticed them thus far and they didn’t even get pissed off when the branches were getting trimmed. They’re probably good for pollinating the trees too, but please correct me if I’m wrong.
2. Get a professional to take them away. I don’t really like this option since, like I said, they’ve been fine so far and if they’re helping the trees I kind of want them around. 3. Transfer them off of my tree and keep them myself. I make mead and I have always thought it would be nice to keep bees one day in order to have their honey for that purpose. Well now there’s bees in my backyard so why not, right?

Some more information that may or may not be useful. This is in Southern California. I don’t know the type of bees they are but, apparently, the landscaper used to keep bees and said they’re honeybees, but that’s all I know. I live in a residential neighborhood where the houses are kinda close together but with big brick walls and large yards. So I don’t know if keeping bees would affect the neighbors or not.

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