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not how I expected my lunch-time inspections to go

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not how I expected my lunch-time inspections to go

So I didn't take pictures to post because that's typically the last thing you do in an "oh shit" moment.

I walked down to the apiary to check on the new packages we installed about 10 days ago. As I get down there I look down the line of hives and realize there's an extra large gap between two of the hives that wasn't there before. Then I realized there's a hive on the ground in front of the hive stand I put them all on! This hive is a double deep right now with around 20k-30k bees. The boxes are separated and upside down on the ground and there were a ton of pissed off bees. How do I know they were pissed off, you might say. When your vision is being blocked by 10-20 of those ornery little ladies doing their damnedest to suicide themselves and stab their little butt spikes through your veil and into your eye a mere 2 inches away, you might assume they weren't the happiest of campers. Luckily I had the full suit on so I got straight to it getting everything back together and then putting some 4in screws through the bottom board into the 4x4s they sit on. They looked ok but I didn't want to stress them out further by going through all the frames to check after that. Going to keep an eye on that one and give them a thorough check next time. Other than that, this should be a great honey season!

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