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Not a beekeeping question.. but it’s about honeybees

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Not a beekeeping question.. but it’s about honeybees

[Likely solved: /u/bigryanb make a point below about being "mason bees" which I've never heard of. I just looked them up. This looks to be the case. I am going to consider this the likely answer, since I never see more than a dozen or two in a year. Never a swarm, always low (basement) is where I find them. Our house is a 1940s brick house.]

Hello all.

Over the past 4-5 years, every spring I have begun to find a handful of honeybees somewhere in my house. Lately, probably about 1-2 dozen and it's always early spring. In the ~10 years I've lived here, I've never had that issue. I don't believe I have an infestation issue because once we get into summer we never see them in the house again. It may just be kids leaving my doors open and playing outside that lets them in. I'm not necessarily concerned about them getting in the house. I just get them in a cup, let them outside, move on my way.

However, it's the influx of it happening that is making me post. It started with just 1-2 and now this year it's about 2 dozen. About 6 years ago I learned about the concerns of honeybees being impacted in America because homeowners are treating their yards so much. So I intentionally stopped treating my yard and now it's a dandelion and clover ocean. Kids love it. Bees really love it.

However, I'm not loving the bees arriving in the house. I started to wonder if because I have more the bees want to be around, they are hanging around more and in turn try to nest in the house (hence the early spring arrival, I assume they look for a new home early spring?). If my assumption is correct, would it be advised to try and get into beekeeping or getting a place for the bees to setup home that is more suitable than my house? Would it "encourage" them to go there instead of the house? Or am I over-simplifying this?

Really odd (and possibly dumb) question.. I know. Just trying to think of the right way to try and let them thrive while also not letting it consume my house. Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. I live in SW-Pennsylvania if that is helpful.

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