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Noob Keeper with Extra Comb

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Noob Keeper with Extra Comb

I am a brand new bee keeper who knows nothing about what I am doing.

I introduced my bees to a brand new langstrom hive on March 28. The queen had not emerged from her box by the 1st of April, so I pulled the cork to let her out. I left the queen box in the hive, which required that I leave out a single frame. I also installed a top hive feeder.

Today (4/10) was my first chance to inspect since I let the queen out because temperatures locally were so low and the weather was generally bad. When I opened the hive, I noted that the bees have built a comb in the space where the missing frame should have been. It's fairly sizeable — about half the length of a frame. The comb is hanging from the queen separator.

It did not appear that the bees had used the foundation on the nearby frames — only this free hanging comb. The bees were clustered on this free hanging comb. I thought (but I was not certain) that I saw the queen on this comb. I saw several bees with pollen in their baskets.

So, in short, I think the hive is doing well, except I've got all this extra comb in the space where that frame should be. How do I fix this?? Do I destroy the comb? If so, how do I ensure that the queen makes it back in the hive? Have I messed up my whole season?


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