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Non beekeeper question

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Non beekeeper question

Hello ! I am so fascinated by what you all do.

I live in middle TN and the bugs are awake.

I have a workshop in my backyard with a cedar attic.

Everyday for over a week now, there is one large bee that hovers right outside the workshop door. I have seen this bee interact with other bees in a seemingly friendly way, and also seen it push wasps and other flying bugs aggressively away. When I sit outside the door, the bee just stares at me hovering. It is really strange. Never gets too close to me. I have seen it fly down to the clovers as well.

It feels like my little workshop protector.

My question is, what is going on here? I see maybe 3-5 bees in my yard a day, and this one seems the largest. Is there a hive nearby? How far? Is it protecting?

Do I need to be concerned about them living in my attic? I have looked, no bees up there.

Is this a carpenter bee? Should I be worried if so?

Any info helps.. thank you all.

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