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No hate bees leave me alone

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No hate bees leave me alone

I really think bees are cool and I’ve been stung only once – but like them despite being scared of them.

But they are busy ruining my life – constantly coming inside and getting stuck in windows. I have scooped them outside carefully with a spoon and even given some of them sugar who seemed weak before taking them outside. They keep coming back inside.

I don’t want to kill them and i cant see a nest close-bye, so i put eucalyptus oil on the window frames inside and outside.

But they are STILL coming inside.

Someone please help – i am allergic and have two dogs who keep trying to catch them which is obvs not gonna end well.

It is summer and i cannot keep my entire house locked up all day

Any tips? Again don’t even bother with suggesting poisons or whatever- i do not want to kill them

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