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No eggs after two weeks

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No eggs after two weeks

EDIT: Solved! I inspected the hive this afternoon and saw a LOT of larvae. I think that the eggs are just very difficult to see on my frames. Thank you all so much!

Hi all. I'm a brand new beekeeper in Atlanta, GA. I have had my Italian bees for two weeks. When I did my hive inspection on Sunday (two weeks after they arrived), I did not see any eggs in cells. I saw a lot of white-ish capped cells, many pollen cells, and some nectar cells.

I have done some research, and I've read that it sometimes takes a queen up to 3 weeks to start laying. But how common is that? Should I be preparing to buy a new queen sometime in the next few days so I can install her this weekend? At what point will it become a problem if I do not have a queen in there?

She was alive in the cage when I installed them in the hive.

I would really appreciate any advice because my searches haven't been helpful. Thank you so much.

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