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Nighttime temps for split

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Nighttime temps for split

Hi all. I have a hive that's doing exceptionally well. Yesterday's inspection showed me the lovely queen, 3 frames full of brood and one empty queen cup. One frame of the three had a good amount of capped drone cells too. I would like to get back to two hives again after losing one before winter. I'm in the desert so we're in the 40 degree temp swings right now. Nights in the 30s and days in upper 60s to 70s. Splitting too early with the cold would be a problem I assume. Is there a good minimum to think about? I called and spoke with 2 seasoned beeks and got 2 totally different answers,especially with the splitting process. One suggested under super and add a deep to the top. The other said to split but leave the old queen behind. So far I've gotten solid info from y'all and really appreciate you. Any input would be great. Thanks!

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