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Newly captured swarm not showing brood.

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Newly captured swarm not showing brood.

I have been posting on here a lot lately but I’m very new to beekeeping and have so many questions! I captured my first swarm a little over two weeks ago. I had an old bee box with some empty frames scraped clean with now wax. When I checked today they made good progress filling the inner four frames with wax and even capping some with honey. The problem is I didn’t see any brood at all. I’m not confident in my ability to find the queen and I do not have all the gear yet like a proper smoker or bee suit so I was being cautious when looking. I did pull out every frame to examine it and still didn’t see any brood. In my very limited experience the colony seems to be doing fine but is it possible the queen died or maybe they had to build more comb before she starts to lay eggs? I’m sorry for all the questions I’m just trying not to mess anything up.

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