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Newbie Final Fall Inspection – No Queen

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Newbie Final Fall Inspection – No Queen

Hi guys. I am a first year beekeeper in Michigan. I currently have 2 hives. I started this year with a fresh package (hive 1) and was able to split and queen a second hive mid year (hive 2). It is unreasonably warm in Michigan for November, around 70 degrees f. Because of the heat I have been able to feed to liquid feed and provide pollen sub.

I was also able to open up my hives this afternoon. I wanted to check for stores, maybe see some brood, and remove any shb.

Hive 2 looks great. I was able to locate the queen. She is laying on multiple frames and they have ample stores. I won’t go back into that brood box until spring.

Hive 1 has a similar population of bees. Their stores are “ok” compared to the sister hive. I did find one small patch of brood/larva/eggs on a single frame. Normally I see eggs and close up, but because this was probably my last inspection until spring, I was determined to see the queen. I went through the brood nest 3 or 4 times with no luck. I then went through their super and came up empty again.

Any time this year that I’ve wanted to locate a queen, I’ve been able to without striking out. Both are marked blue, very easy to spot. Do I need to worry?

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