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New virgin queen in November question

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New virgin queen in November question

First year beekeeper here.

Early this November in North Georgia I did a sugar roll and realized my hive was infested with Varroa mites. I did what I could and treated with the only resource I had available at the time (MAQs). I followed the guidelines laid out in instructions and made sure the conditions were right to use the product (temp, etc). This is my second time treating with MAQs with the first being in early August.

Prior to treating with MAQs I had a strong healthy queen in there who was laying eggs (although slowly due to time of year). Following one week of treatment (did two strips over brood chamber) I checked and treatment was very successful. Lots of dead varroa on screened bottom board. Did a follow up sugar roll and did not find a single varroa so was very pleased. Unfortunately I could not find my strong queen. Keep in mind this was one week from when I last saw her at beginning of treatment. What was crazier was I found a new smaller queen in there which I had never seen before as well as two other capped queen supersedes. Thought that was odd as I know sometimes MAQS can cause queen loss but I thought that was more dependent upon it being too hot during treatment. I made sure to not treat during excess temps as this is early November and weather basically stayed in low 60's at highest mid 70's during that timeframe.

Am I screwed for the winter? I check this hive today as it has been 10 days since I last saw the smaller queen (saw the small queen again today) and obviously cannot find my large original queen. There are no fresh eggs or capped brood any longer in here which is not surprising. I read that an unmated queen who exceeds 20 some days unmated has no chance of ever mating correct? Considering there are basically no drones this time of year I take it there is no chance for her to ever get mated in time and start laying via her taking a mating flight at this time. Oddly enough I saw one drone in my hive today (I hadn't seen a drone in over a month since they were likely all kicked out) but not sure if she would mate with one of her kin (inbred bees?) in an emergency?? Wild drones from outside my hive would never come to her I would assume so my guess is the drone is one of ours. If this bee population even makes it to springtime there wont be any new bees correct so it would just become an empty hive over the winter with all the honey stores in there.

Sorry for long post but any advice, commentary is appreciated.

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