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New Split Queen Mysteries.

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New Split Queen Mysteries.

This year my beekeeping goal has been to learn more about the animal husbandry aspect of beekeeping through expansion and making splits. Towards that end, I made a few summer splits on July 15th with the goal of overwintering them as nucs. I made the splits from strong colonies and added mated queens several hours later that same day. As I was adding mated queens, I added brood frames, and did not try to transfer eggs (though there could have been some on the frames). Three days later (July 18th), the new queens had escaped from their cages. I inspected again on the 27th, and Split 1 had some eggs and capped brood, but was looking somewhat weak, so I added some more nurse bees from another hive. Split 2 was doing well with eggs and brood. I did a quick inspection again yesterday (31st), and found Split 1 had a capped queen cell (I must have missed it before? It was on the side of the frame, so maybe a supersedure cell?), but I did see the marked queen. Perhaps I made the wrong call, but I removed the cell today given that the marked queen was present. In Split 2, there was also a small capped queen cell yesterday, and another one that was uncapped yesterday was capped today. I couldn't find the marked queen, but I did see a small unmarked queen. (The hive this split came from had a marked queen, so it wasn't her, plus they readily accepted the new queen.)

Is it common for new splits to try and replace a brand new queen? Should I not have removed the queen cell in Split 1? How on earth did a new queen appear in Split 2? I'm so confused!

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