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New England beekeepers… how’s your spring going?

We are grateful you are here

New England beekeepers… how’s your spring going?

Hey, CT zone 6a here… just touching base with some other locals because it's been a weird spring. It's not until this week that temperatures will be consistently above the 50s. Don't even get me started on what happened to my premature vegetable garden transplants.

My spring buildup has been WAY slower than previous years. I'm wondering if we missed the bulk of the maple bloom that they usually bring in like ganbusters here. One of my colonies is very strong in bees and laying well, the second is much weaker with about 8 seams of bees and less laying. Neither has the nectar stores I'd expect by now, though they're also taking less syrup now that it's warming up a bit and they can forage more actively. I'm debating requeening my weaker colony from the stronger one, but I'm going to wait another couple weeks to see if she picks up with the warmer weather.

For anyone else in the region, what's your experience been like this season? Better, worse, about the same?

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