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New bees building comb bridging two frames – what do

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New bees building comb bridging two frames – what do

tl:dr – 2 bee packages installed ~10 days a go have built comb bridging the gap between 2 frames in their respective brood chambers. Not sure what I can/should do.

Long Story – I installed my first 2 packages of bees in their hives about 10 days ago. When I checked to see if the queens were out of their boxes after 4 days I noticed that 1 frame in each super had sort of bulbous comb coming off it, not flush with the wood as I expected. The frames are plastic with wax coating. I assumed the frames were sized so that I didn't have to pay too much attention when I dropped the frames in but I guess I should have used some sort of spacer? I guess the gap between the frames was too big and the bees didn't like that?

Regardless I could see eggs in those sections of comb in one super and I couldn't make out through the swarm of bees whether the queen was on it so I didn't want to scrape/smash. Fast forward about a week and I wanted to just check in on the second hive and see if she was laying (I had to manually release her because dead bees were blocking the candy). When I went to lift out the frame with the bulbous comb I realized it had actually been merged with the opposite comb and it started to tear. I could see that section was full of nectar so I put it back down and closed up.

Is this mess just going to keep building on itself and make this super unmanageable? I'm worried about destroying all their work now since they're just getting up and running after being installed but wasn't sure if leaving it would be a bigger headache for later or lead to congestion and swarming.

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