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New Beekeeper, hive is not doing much, first inspection

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New Beekeeper, hive is not doing much, first inspection

New here (2 hives) and did my first hive inspections packages were installed 12 days ago,

first hive(italian) was doing fantastic had almost 4 foundation frames drawn out, saw plenty of larva and capped brood already – doing great

2nd hive(carniolan) is were the problem and question lies, they had done practically nothing, one side of a frame had half depth drawn comb on it and a few other small patches of nectar and pollen buts that's it

both hives had gone through about the same amount of syrup, weather conditions have been very poor in northern Illinois, since they were installed we have had close to 5 inches of rain and 2 nights below zero and 2 days above 60, overall very chilly

My guess is something happened to the queen? I looked as best I could today but was 51(nicest day this week) today and didn't want to keep the hive open to long, they also seemed much noisier than the first hive

any advice is much appreciated

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