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New beekeeper. Can I give my autumn feed with a super on

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New beekeeper. Can I give my autumn feed with a super on

First year beekeeping, Advice would be much appreciated. Uk based

I am probably a few weeks late starting my autumn feed for my bees. I did a full hive inspection today. I have had a super on for a few months which has mostly comb being built on it, but not much else. I have not extracted any honey this year. I have read a hive needs 16-18kg of honey to survive winter and on inspecting the brood box today I estimated there is only about 5kg of honey, the rest are mostly frames of capped brood. Queen present.

I have starting feeding sugar syrup in a rapid feeder system. My plan was to leave the super in place over winter, but I have just come across something saying you should never feed your bees with a super on.

My question is should I take the super off and leave them to fill the brood box with honey or is it fine to leave the super on so that they have more space to fill with honey.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks

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