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New bee keeper questions/problems

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New bee keeper questions/problems

Hey all. I recently installed a couple of packaged bees into two separate hives. I did my first inspection today and had a couple of questions if you have a minute.

1: Though the packages were the same size, it is clear to me that one hive is more populated (about 50% more) than the other. Should I be concerned at all?

2: On my “stronger” hive, the bees built a large piece of comb between the inner cover and the missing frame for the queen to get out. After careful inspection there are no eggs laid in that comb but theres plenty of nectar. Should I go ahead and remove it?

3: in my “weaker” hive they have less comb and are building cross comb between frames. They are also building multiple sets of comb onto 1 frame. If I remove both they will hardly have any comb left. What’s the right move here? My intuition tells me to remove it but i’m new and have my doubts as well.

4: where and how do i dispose of this comb? Will leaving it out entice robbing or bring pests?

Thanks for reading

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