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Neverwet coated Feeder/Hive?

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Neverwet coated Feeder/Hive?

So I have this hivetop feeder, and sadly the ants found out about it. These bees are brand new to me, and while I am getting some tanglefoot in the mail for the stand, I was wondering if I could also spray the outside of my feeder with neverwet, as that I can find at my local home depot today!

Based on a few videos (like this one) neverwet completely expels ants, but I have also seen a few videos saying cinnamon would kick ants out of my hive, but adding this to my hive (I have a setup where they should smell it in the feeder, but the bees won't get to it) did not seem to help, so I am cautious to try it.

Has anyone tried this? How did your bees react to having neverwet on the outside of their hive?

EDIT: Forgot Rule 4. I am in central Florida.

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