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Neighbor issues.

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Neighbor issues.

New bee keeper as of June this year. The bees I’ve got are super docile and have not stung me or my kids. The neighbors that share a property line closest to the hive said they don’t have any issues and haven’t been stung either. The neighbor on the opposite side with no direct flight path ( has to go over the house to get there ) is now complaining that my bees are stinging her dog and she now needs an epi-pen for the dog. She has had the dog since June as well.

Question 1: is there a way to tell what kind of bee stung the dog?

Question 2: would moving the bees to my fenced in back yard be enough of a shield to not have to get rid of the hive.

The bees are super docile and nobody else is complaining. I so far have only gotten positive interactions from people walking by and the neighbors that share that side of the property. I do live in town and there are no ordinances about bee keeping and we have been labeled “bee city USA” since 2019.

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