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Neighbor is on a bee Witch-hunt 😬

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Neighbor is on a bee Witch-hunt 😬

Our neighbors have never been an issue when it comes to our hives – they love the honey, they love what the bees have done for their roses, but recently some bees ended up in their pool and all bets are off.

Granted, this wasn’t thousands of bees, but a dozen or so bees ended up in their pool and now, being retired, they’ve made it their highest priority to come to our door, complain, and make veiled threats.

I understand that bees would show up to their pool in the dead heat of summer whether we owned hives or not, but we are the easiest target for their anger.

We added an additional water source, have kept our potted plants topped off and added an extra super on our busiest hives.

From one beekeeper to another, If anyone has any tips for how to handle a neighbor like this, or this situation in general, I would greatly appreciate it.

TL,DR: Neighbors found about 10 bees in their pool and are threatening us. Need some ideas.

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