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Neighbor has boarded up colony

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Neighbor has boarded up colony

A neighbor of mine has had a honeybee colony in their farmhouse roof, in the eaves, for at least 7 years; the bees go in and out thru a split in the soffit board. It's a strong colony which has swarmed in the past; they are close to swarming now (I had a bait box out). The owner has suddenly gotten paranoid about the bees and rather than wait for them to swarm out or get a proper removal done they had a handyman board up the soffit early morning today. I just checked, there are a number of bees hanging about outside; I can't yet see if they are finding another way in and out – it's an old house so fair chance they will.

Yes, it's appalling! Am trying to figure out what, if anything, I can do from the outside. I've access to the property but not the interior. My neighbor promptly went away for the weekend so I can't argue with them till monday! If they have succeeded in closing off the entrance how long before the bees inside will die? I'd guess there's a fair amount of honey in there.

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