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Neglected hive

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Neglected hive

Has anybody ever NOT managed their hive/s for a long period for any reason? I know you wouldn’t intentionally be neglectful but maybe something took place in your life which kept you away from them. I know 1 person who was hospitalised for months and his hives were fine when he recovered. My old boss had a hive he ignored for over a year because do to inexperience he thought they had all gone when they swarmed and never took a second look at it until one day he did and found it full of bees and honey. I often hear people talk about weekly hive inspections, fortnightly, or whatever. Are they really required so frequently or do people just love the hobby so much they want to get inside to see? I probably average inspections once a month except for in spring/early summer.

For context, I am in Australia where we dont have varroa, SHB numbers fluctuate and where I am winters do not freeze, also there are some winter flowering plants around.

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