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Need help finding bumblebee hive!!

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Need help finding bumblebee hive!!

Hello! We happen to have an underground hive of very cute little bumbles in our yard. Unfortunately, they are right by our stairs to our home, and as much as I want to let the little guys be, with a child and pets, it’s not super ideal.

I called a bee farmer in to come relocate it to his farm, however, the first time he dug at night, he didn’t find anything. He didn’t dig very deep the first time as the hive is usually pretty close to the surface. He thought maybe they were just starting out so just packed down the opening instead.

The little guys dug a new hole the second day so we had him come back again and dig deeper. Still absolutely nothing. I’m honestly so flabbergasted and so is he! They definitely set up shop in an abandoned rodent hole but I can’t imagine it’s that deep?!

I’m wondering if anyone has any pointers on how to find the actual hive? I really want to give these guys a better home and am fighting the clock as unfortunately my landlord has only given me a certain amount of time before he “deals with it himself”. I really don’t want to injure these guys at all. Please help!!

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