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Need advice

I’m a first year bee keeper and I have 3 hives, one 8 frame hive with a deep + medium brood chamber and 2 10 frame hives with 1 deep brood box. I harvested the honey last week. After 3 days (cuz of rain) I went back to add a top feeder and treat with formic pro.
My 8 frame hive looked great, the medium had lots of honey stores in it but the deep box on the bottom had tons of brood, larva and eggs.

One of my ten frame hives I saw eggs and larva and a bit of honey stored on the outside frames and a bit at the top of each frame.

However my other 10 frame hive was loaded with honey about half of each frame had honey in it, the outside frames were loaded with honey and I only saw larva and could not find any eggs.

So I treated them all with formic pro, and have to come back and do the second treatment 10 days apart.

My question is, if there are no eggs on my third hive when I go back what are my options? Do I combine the two 10 frame hives? Do I just assume the loss of a hive? I’ve been looking but can’t seem to find a proper answer. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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