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NC – December pollen/nectar flow??

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NC – December pollen/nectar flow??

Hi all!

This is my first year beekeeping. I've been feeding my bees 2:1 sugar syrup until last month when I switched to sugar fondant and pollen patties due to the dropping temps at night. I harvested too early this year which set back their total honey production (had an incredibly productive hive that swarmed in June – I panicked and harvested the supers that were on there so they wouldn't eat it. Wrong move.) and the honey super was very light even going back to last month. Well, today weather finally allowed for a full inspection and my word!! They were filling in the outermost frames of the honey super and I saw tons of cells full of beautifully colorful pollen. I also saw several foragers arriving absolutely loaded with pollen in their baskets.

The internet hasn't helped answer this question: is there a known pollen/nectar flow occurring right now in NC? If so, from what flowers? I'm worried that the nectar flow calendars online might not be accurate given climate change. Does NC usually get another run around early December?

Last question: is it normal to have a brood box only filled up near the top of the frames (AKA middle of the hive) this time of year? I didn't spot my queen but didn't see any queen cells either. Thanks so much!!

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