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Mysterious disappearance of colony

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Mysterious disappearance of colony

So I live in a city but have a verdant backyard garden full of fruit trees and flowering herbs and starting this past spring, an underground bee colony at the side of a concrete walkway. The bees claimed that side of the garden as their own and stung both my wife once before we realized what they were building and myself twice (as I foolishly tried to cultivate around them) with no lasting ill effects. They appeared to be normal looking bees so we indulged them all summer and fall with not encroaching on them and letting them pollinate all our flowers. As it got colder and wetter their activity did not seem to abate, but during heavy rainfall yesterday, something must have happened…

Coincidentally I had AT&T by to upgrade my internet and they had access to the back area but equipment nowhere near the hive.

Anyways I went out there today and there is a big hole where the hive had been and no sign of any comb or papery structure, just some confused looking bees walking around. And none of the usual flying in and out activity.

Did AT&T do something without notifying me, or any animal dig it all out, or do miner bees not create real structure, just holes/tunnels and it all collapsed in the rain…

Very confusing.

Any thoughts?

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