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My one hive just swarmed but the swarm left within 30 min

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My one hive just swarmed but the swarm left within 30 min

Hi, newbie here. So I got the cool chance to witness a swarm. The left and went 10m high in a spruce tree above the hive. While trying to figure out how to get them, they left. Naturally, I went inside for 2 min to grab a knife and came back and they were gone so I have no idea what direction. After wandering around the spruce/poplar forest for 2 hours and down the laneway i cannot spot any sign.

I am under the impression they can be caught, potentially. I put two nukes about 300m away from the hive with frame of old brood and a touch of lemon grass oil in them. I placed them in trees at 6 feet off the ground. Is there anything else i can do or have they already found their forever home?

I live north of lake superior in northwestern ontario if that helps? Was a neat experience to see them leave the hive and swarm – like a hurricane of bees.

I did not expect them to swarm at this time especially as first year hives.

EDIT: i put a super on the bottom of the hive with a queen excluder. They had an upper entrance but rarely used it except to beard. This leaves me to wonder if the queen never left and they returned. I clearly have no idea

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