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My mum’s bees are dying. What could it be?

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My mum’s bees are dying. What could it be?

My mum keeps bees since 35 years, but this is the first time something like this is happening to her hives.

She had around 100 hives, which seemed very healthy around a month ago. Now, in around 2 weeks, 15 of her hives have died completely, and it looks like it's going on.

We have fed them, treated them for disease, and we simply can not figure out what is going on with them. My mum sent them to a veterinarian lab, and even them did not find out what was wrong with the bees.

The weather has also not been cold this past month. We are at our wit's end. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?

We live in Kosove, Balkan, Europe

Edit: Since many ask: The bees seem to have mites, but I don't know the count. My mum says she treated them twice with Varolik smoke ( Varolik | Stolarsko Pcelarska radnja Nesa) and with Herbastript and Superstript sticks in Spring and Autumn.

That said, is there something more efficient against varroa?

Edit 2: My mum says the bees are still brooding (if that's the correct word?). The weather has been warmer than usual this year.

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